Sun Java System Application Server Platform Edition 9 Release Notes


The package-appclient script does not work if domain1 is not present. (ID 6171458)

By default, there is a hard-coded value in $INSTALL/lib/package-appclient.xml for the AS_ACC_CONFIG variable for domain1 that is pointed to by asenv.conf. If domain1 is deleted and a new domain created, the AS_ACC_CONFIG variable is not updated with the new domain name, which causes the package-appclient script to fail.


Do one of the following:

Starting Application Server with additional JMX Agent is not supported. (ID 6200011)

J2SE 1.4.x, 5.0, or later can be configured on the Application Server. An integral feature of J2SE 5.0 platform is the ability to start a JMX agent. This is activated when you explicitly set system properties at the server startup.

Example values include:

name="" value="true"
name="" value="9999"
name="" value="false"
name="" value="false"

After configuring JMX properties and starting the server, a new jmx-connector server is started within the Application Server VM. An undesirable side-effect of this is that the administration functions are affected adversely, and the Application Server administration GUI and CLI may produce unexpected results. The problem is that there are some conflicts between the built in jmx-connector server and the new jmx-connector server.


If using jconsole (or any other JMX-compliant client), consider reusing the standard JMX Connector Server that is started with Application Server startup.

When the server starts up, a line similar to the one shown below appears in the server.log. You can connect to the JMXServiceURL specified there and perform the same management/configuration operations after successfully providing the credentials; for example:

[#|2004-11-24T17:49:08.203-0800|INFO|sun-appserver-ee8.1|javax.enterprise.|_ThreadID=10;|ADM1501: Here is the JMXServiceURL for the 
JMXConnectorServer: [service:jmx:rmi:///jndi/rmi://hostname:8686/management/
rmi-jmx-connector]. This is where the remote administrative clients should 
connect using the JSR 160 JMX Connectors.|#]

For more information, refer to the Sun Java System Application Server 9 Administration Guide.

display-error-statistics brings negative stats

The Admin Console GUI is able to differentiate between a real zero (0) and a state for which statistics are not available (N/A). The command-line interface currently displays negative 1 (-1) instead of N/A. For example, the following output for the display-error-statics command shows —1 instead of N/A.

# asadmin display-error-statistics
Please enter the admin user name>admin
Please enter the admin password>
Timestamp                               Severity  Warning 
1143659837750(Mar 29, 2006 11:17:17 AM)     0        0       
1143656237750(Mar 29, 2006 10:17:17 AM)     0        0       
1143652637750(Mar 29, 2006 9:17:17 AM)      -1       -1      
1143649037750(Mar 29, 2006 8:17:17 AM)      -1       -1      
1143645437750(Mar 29, 2006 7:17:17 AM)      -1       -1      
Command display-error-statistics executed successfully.


Use the Admin Console GUI to display error statistics. This issue will be fixed in a later release.