Sun Java System Application Server Platform Edition 9 Administration Guide

Examples for the get --user admin-user --monitor Command

This command retrieves the following monitored information:

Example 1

Attempt to get all attributes from a subsystem for a specific object:

asadmin> get --user admin-user --monitor server.jvm.*


server.jvm.dotted-name= server.jvm
server.jvm.heapsize-current = 21241856
server.jvm.heapsize-description = Provides statistical information about 
   the JVM's memory heap size.
server.jvm.heapsize-highwatermark = 21241856
server.jvm.heapsize-lastsampletime = 1080232913938
server.jvm.heapsize-lowerbound = 0
server.jvm.heapsize-lowwatermark = 0
server.jvm.heapsize-name = JvmHeapSize
server.jvm.heapsize-starttime = 1080234457308
server.jvm.heapsize-unit = bytes
server.jvm.heapsize-upperbound = 518979584
server.jvm.uptime-count = 1080234457308
server.jvm.uptime-description = Provides the amount of time the JVM has 
   been running.
server.jvm.uptime-lastsampletime = 1080234457308
server.jvm.uptime-name = JvmUpTime
server.jvm.uptime-starttime = 1080232913928
server.jvm.uptime-unit = milliseconds

Example 2

Attempt to get all attributes from a J2EE application:

asadmin> get --user admin-user --monitor server.applications.myJ2eeApp.*


No matches resulted from the wildcard expression.
CLI137 Command get failed.

There are no monitorable attributes exposed at the J2EE-application level, therefore this reply displays.

Example 3

Attempt to get a specific attribute from a subsystem:

asadmin> get --user admin-user --monitor server.jvm.uptime-lastsampletime


server.jvm.uptime-lastsampletime = 1093215374813

Example 4

Attempt to get an unknown attribute from within a subsystem attribute:

asadmin> get --user admin-user --monitor server.jvm.badname


No such attribute found from reflecting the corresponding Stats 
interface: [badname]
CLI137 Command get failed.