Sun Java System Application Server Platform Edition 9 Developer's Guide

The sun-appserv-update Task

Enables deployed applications (EAR files) and modules (EJB JAR, RAR, and WAR files) to be updated and reloaded for fast iterative development. This task copies modified class files, XML files, and other contents of the archive files to the appropriate subdirectory of the domain-dir/applications directory, then touches the .reload file to cause dynamic reloading to occur.

This is a local task and must be executed on the same machine as the Application Server.

For more information about dynamic reloading, see the Sun Java System Application Server Platform Edition 9 Application Deployment Guide.

Attributes of sun-appserv-update

The following table describes attributes for the sun-appserv-update task.

Table 3–9 The sun-appserv-update Attributes






The component to update, which must be a valid archive. 



(optional) The domain in which the application has been previously deployed. 

Example of sun-appserv-update

The following example updates the Java EE application foo.ear, which is deployed to the default domain, domain1.

<sun-appserv-update file="foo.ear"/>