SunSHIELD Basic Security Module Guide

What Makes a Directory Suitable

A directory is suitable to the audit daemon if it is accessible to the audit daemon, which means that it must be mounted, that the network connection (if remote) permits successful access, and that the permissions on the directory allow access. Also, in order for a directory to be suitable for audit files, it must have sufficient free space remaining. You can edit the minfree: line in the audit_control file to change the default of 20 percent. To give an example of how the minfree percentage is applied, if the default minimum free space of 20 percent is accepted, an email notice is sent to the audit_warn alias whenever a file system becomes more than 80 percent full.

When no directories on the list have enough free space left, the daemon starts over from the beginning of the list and picks the first accessible directory that has any space available until the hard limit is reached. In the default configuration, if no directories are suitable, the daemon stops processing audit records, and they accumulate within the kernel until all processes generating audit records are suspended.