SunSHIELD Basic Security Module Guide

Sample audit_control File

Following is a sample audit_control file for the machine dopey. dopey uses two audit file systems on the audit server blinken, and a third audit file system mounted from the second audit server winken, which is used only when the audit file systems on blinken fill up or become unavailable. The minfree value of 20 percent specifies that the warning script (see the audit_warn(1M) man page) is run when the file systems are 80 percent filled and the audit data for the current machine will be stored in the next available audit directory, if any. The flags specify that all logins and administrative operations are to be audited (whether or not they succeed), and that failures of all types except failures to create a file system object are to be audited.

# Audit filesystem used when blinken fills up
dir: /etc/security/audit/winken