SunSHIELD Basic Security Module Guide

How to Combine and Reduce audit Files

    Use auditreduce with the -O option to combine several audit files into one and save them in a specified output file.

Although auditreduce can do this type of combination and deletion automatically (see the -C and -D options in the auditreduce(1M) man page), it is often easier to select the files manually (perhaps with find) and use auditreduce to combine just the named set of files. When auditreduce is used this way, it merges all the records from its input files into a single output file. The input files should then be deleted, and the output file kept in a directory named /etc/security/audit/server-name/files so that auditreduce can find it.

# auditreduce -O combined-filename

The auditreduce program can also reduce the number of records in its output file by eliminating the less interesting ones as it combines the input files. You might use auditreduce to eliminate all except the login/logout events in audit files over a month old, assuming that if you needed to retrieve the complete audit trail, you could recover it from backup tapes.

# auditreduce -O daily.summary -b 19930513 -c lo; compress *daily.summary
# mv *daily.summary /etc/security/summary.dir