SunSHIELD Basic Security Module Guide

Device-Clean Script for Tapes

The three supported tape devices and the device-clean script for each are shown in Table 4-2.

Table 4-2 Device-Clean Script for the Three Supported Tape Devices

Tape Device Type 

Device-Clean Script 

SCSI 1/4-inch tape 


Archive 1/4-inch tape 


Open-reel 1/2-inch tape 


The script uses the rewoffl option to mt to affect the device cleanup. See the mt(1) man page. If the script runs during system boot, it queries the device to see if the device is online and has media in it.

The 1/4-inch tape devices that have media remaining are placed in the allocate error state to force the administrator to clean up the device manually.

During the normal system operation, when allocate or deallocate is executed in the interactive mode, the user is prompted to remove the media from the device being deallocated. The script pauses until the media is removed from the device.