SunSHIELD Basic Security Module Guide

ipc Token

The ipc token contains the System V IPC message/semaphore/shared-memory handle used by the caller to identify a particular IPC object. This token has three fields: a token ID that identifies this as an ipc token, a type field that specifies the type of the IPC object, and the handle that identifies the IPC object. Figure A-13 shows an ipc token.

Figure A-13 ipc Token Format


Note -

The IPC object identifiers violate the context-free nature of the Solaris CMW audit tokens. No global "name" uniquely identifies IPC objects; instead, they are identified by their handles, which are valid only during the time the IPC objects are active. The identification should not be a problem since the System V IPC mechanisms are seldom used and they all share the same audit class.

The IPC object type field may have the values shown in Table A-4. The values are defined in /usr/include/bsm/audit.h.

Table A-4 IPC Object Type Field





IPC message object 


IPC semaphore object 


IPC shared memory object