Developing Sun Master Indexes (Repository)

ProcedureTo Regenerate the Application

  1. Save any configuration changes to the master index project.

  2. Right-click the master index application in the Projects window.

  3. Select Generate, and then click Yes on the dialog box that appears.

    The application components are regenerated. This might take a few minutes. The output panel displays the status and any errors that occur.

  4. On the NetBeans toolbar, click Save.

  5. If there are any client projects with Collaborations that reference the master index server project, refresh those Collaborations.

  6. If there were any changes to how incoming data is processed (such as changes to the output OTD), re-import the .jar files.

    1. Open the Collaboration in the Collaboration Editor and click Import JAR Files.

      The Add/Remove Jar Files dialog box appears.

    2. For each master index application .jar file, highlight the filename on the Add/Remove Jar Files dialog box, and then click Remove.

    3. For each file to re-import, click Add, double-click the master index server project, select the .jar file, and then click Import.

  7. If you are using command line reports, do the following:

    1. Export the regeneratedApplication_stc_eindex_client.jar and Application_stc_eindex_util.jar files to the /lib subdirectory in the reports home directory.

    2. In the /lib subdirectory, rename Application_stc_eindex_client.jarto stc_eindex_client.jar and rename Applicationstc_eindex_util.jar to stc_eindex_util.jar.