Developing Sun Master Indexes (Repository)

About Sun Master Index

Sun Master Index provides a flexible framework to allow you to create matching and indexing applications called enterprise-wide master index applications. It is an application building tool to help you design, configure, and create a master index application that will uniquely identify and cross-reference the business objects stored in your system databases. Business objects can be any type of entity for which you store information, such as customers, patients, vendors, businesses, hardware parts, and so on. In Sun Master Index, you define the data structure of the business objects to be stored and cross-referenced as well as the logic that determines how data is updated, standardized, weighted, and matched in the master index application.

The structure and logic you define is located in a group of XML configuration files that you create using the Wizard Editor for Master Index. These files are created within the context of a Java CAPS project, and can be further customized using the XML editor provided in the NetBeans IDE.

Sun Master Index Features

Sun Master Index provides features and functions to allow you to create and configure an enterprise-wide master index application for any type of data. The primary function of Sun Master Index is to automate the creation of a highly configurable master index application . Sun Master Index provides a wizard to guide you through the initial setup steps, and various editors so you can further customize the configuration of the master index application. Sun Master Index automatically generates the components you need to implement a master index application.

Here are some of the features or Sun Master Index.