Developing Sun Master Indexes (Repository)

Step 3: Define Master Index Database Indexes (Repository)

To optimize data processing in the master index application, you can define additional indexes for the database tables that store object data. Best practice is to define indexes for each field used for searching, blocking, or matching. You can define these indexes in the Create Application_name Database file file or create a new script. Before you begin this step, complete Step 2: Create a Master Index Database and User (Repository).

ProcedureTo Define an Index

  1. Under the master index project in the Projects window, expand Database Scripts and then open the Create Application_name Database file in the NetBeans editor.

  2. Do any of the following:

    • Remove an existing index definition (not recommended).

    • Create new index definitions for the required fields.

    • Modify an existing index definition.

  3. Save and close the file.

  4. Continue to Step 4: Define Master Index External Systems (Repository).