Developing Sun Master Indexes (Repository)

Master Index Database Structure (Repository)

The master index database contains some common tables that are created for all implementations and some that are customized for each implementation. The common tables include standard Oracle or SQL Server tables and supporting tables, such as sbyn_seq_table, sbyn_common_header, and sbyn_common_detail. These tables do not store information about the enterprise object structure you defined. The names of the tables that store information about the enterprise object are customized based on the object structure.

Two tables store information about the primary, or parent, object you defined: sbyn_parent_object and sbyn_parent_objectsbr, where parent_object is the name you specified for the parent object in the object structure. The sbyn_parent_object table stores parent object data from each local system and the sbyn_parent_objectsbr table stores the parent object data contained in the SBRs. Similar tables are created for each child object you defined in the object structure.

For a complete description of the database tables, see Understanding Sun Master Index Processing (Repository).