Developing Sun Master Indexes (Repository)

Master Index Match Processing Logic Plug-ins (Repository)

You can implement custom plug-ins that customize the way the execute match methods process data into the master index application. When a record is entered into the master index system, match processing is performed by calling one of the following “execute match” functions from the MasterController class.

These methods contain standard logic for processing records through the master index database, weighting incoming records against existing records, and then using those weights to determine whether to insert a new record or update an existing record. In addition to configuring the match processing logic in the Threshold file, you can customize certain aspects of the processing logic using custom plug-ins that contain functions found in the ExecuteMatchLogics class.

Custom Match Processing Logic Methods

There are five decision branches where custom logic can be inserted. At specific points in match processing, the execute match methods look for the value of the methods listed below. For more information about the methods, see the Javadocs for the master index. These methods are contained in the ExecuteMatchLogics class in the package For information about where the decision points are reached in the processing logic and how to change the logic, see Understanding Sun Master Index Processing (Repository). The following methods specify the custom logic.

Custom Match Processing Logic Plug-in Requirements

The custom plug-ins you create to define custom execute match logic must extend the ExecuteMatchLogics class. In addition, the following classes must be imported into the custom plug-in.

Custom Match Processing Configuration (Repository)

If you create a custom plug-in that defines custom processing logic for the execute match methods, you must specify those custom plug-ins in the Threshold file in the master index project. If you create a plug-in for customizing logic in the execute match methods used by the back-end, such as by Collaborations or Business Processes, specify the name of that class in the logic-class element. If you create a plug-in for the EDM, specify the name of that class in the logic-class-gui element. For example:


For more information about the Threshold file, see Understanding Sun Master Index Configuration Options (Repository).