Developing Sun Master Indexes (Repository)

Working with Project Components

Sun Master Index supports standard Java Composite Application Platform Suite functions for version control, XML validation, and copy, cut, and paste functions.

Version Control

Sun Master Index supports the version control functionality provided by Java CAPS. You can check files in and out, retrieve older versions to a workspace, view a version history, and so on. In addition, Sun Master Index supports recursive check-ins and check-outs. When you select Recurse Project, you can check in or out all components below the selected node or a subset of those components.

Copying, Cutting, and Pasting Files

You can use standard cut, copy, and paste commands to copy or move files between projects. Sun Master Index follows the standard functionality, with the exception that you can only copy or move a component from one project into the same node of another project. For example, you can only paste a copied configuration file into the Configuration node of another project. In addition, you cannot cut or delete components that are essential to a project, such as the configuration files, match and standardization files, and so on.