Developing Sun Master Indexes (Repository)

Learning about the Master Index Runtime Environment

In today’s business environment, important information about certain business objects in your organization might exist in many disparate information systems. It is vital that this information flow seamlessly and rapidly between departments and systems throughout the entire business network. As organizations grow, merge, and form affiliations, sharing data between different information systems becomes a complicated task. The master index applications you create from Sun Master Index can help you manage this data and ensure that the data you have is the most current and accurate information available.

Regardless of how you define the structure of the business object and configure the runtime environment for the master index application, the final product will include much of the same functions and features. The master index application provides a cross-reference of centralized information that is kept current by the logic you define for unique identification, matching, and update transactions.

Functions of the Runtime Environment

In the runtime environment, the master index application provides the following functions to help you monitor and maintain the data shared throughout the index system.

Features of the Runtime Environment

The runtime components of the master index application are designed to uniquely identify, match, and maintain information throughout a business enterprise. These components are highly configurable, allowing you to create a custom master index application suited to your specific data processing needs.

Primary features of the master index application include the following: