Developing Sun Master Indexes (Repository)

Step 3: Define Source Systems (Repository)

After you specify a name for the new master index application, you need to specify the processing codes for the source systems that will be integrated into the master index system.

Figure 6 Define Source Systems

Figure shows the window on the wizard where you define
source systems.

ProcedureTo Define Source Systems

  1. Complete Step 2: Name the Master Index Application (Repository).

  2. In the Name field of the Define Source Systems window, enter the processing code of one of the source systems that will share data in the master index system, and then click Add.

    You can enter any of the following characters:

    • ! _ ~ ( ) { } + \Q # $ % & : ; - /

    • a-z

    • A-Z

    • 0-9

    • þ ÿ Þ ß ’à-ö ø-ý À-Ö Ø-Ý

      The value you entered appears in the Systems box.

      Note –

      Be sure to enter the processing code of the system and not the name. This value is entered in the Best Record file for defining survivor strategies for the SBR.

  3. Do any of the following:

    • To define additional systems, repeat the above step for each source system that will share information with the master index application.

    • To remove a system from the list, highlight the name of that system in the Systems box, and then click Remove.

    • To remove all systems from the list, click Remove All.

  4. When you have defined all required source systems, click Next.

    The Define Deployment Environment window appears.

  5. Continue to Step 4: Define the Deployment Environment (Repository).