Developing Sun Master Indexes (Repository)

Master Index Database Table Description for sbyn_user_code (Repository)

The following table lists and describes the columns in the sbyn_user_code database table so you can create SQL statements to insert user code data into the master index database.

Column Name 



The code list name of the user code type (using the credit card example above, this might be similar to “CREDCARD”). This column links the values for each list. 


The processing code of each user code element. 


A brief description or name for the user code element. This is the value that appears in the drop-down list. 


The required data pattern for the field that is constrained by the user code. For more information about possible values and using Java patterns, see “Patterns” in the class list for java.util.regex in the Javadocs provided with Java. Note that the pattern might be further restricted by the value of the input mask described below.


A mask used by the EDM to add punctuation to the constrained field. For example, the input mask DD-DDD-DDD inserts a hyphen after the second and fifth characters in an 8-digit ID. If you use an input mask, you should also use a value mask to strip the punctuation for database storage (see below).

The following character types can be used. 

  • D – Numeric character

  • L – Alphabetic character

  • A – Alphanumeric character


A mask used to strip any extra characters that were added by the input mask for database storage. The value mask is the same as the input mask, but with an “x” in place of each punctuation mark. Using the input mask described above, the value mask is DDxDDDxDDD. This strips the hyphens before storing the ID.