Configuring Java CAPS for SSL Support

Changing the Self-Signed Server Certificate

You can replace the Sun JMS IQ Manager’s self-signed server certificate with your own server certificate.

This procedure makes the following assumptions:

ProcedureTo Change the Self-Signed Server Certificate

  1. Import your server certificate into the default trust store of the Sun Java System Application Server. The trust store is located in the JavaCAPS-install-dir/appserver/domains/domain-name/config directory.

    keytool -import -alias stcmscert -file mycacert.pem -keystore cacerts.jks

    For the -alias option, you can use any value.

  2. Convert your server certificate and private key from PEM format to PKCS #12 format. You can use the pkcs12 command of the openssl command-line tool to export a file that contains both the server certificate and the private key.

    openssl pkcs12 -export -in mycacert.pem -inkey mycakey.pem -out mycert.p12
    -name "stcmscert"
  3. Make the following changes to the files:

    1. Change the name of the server certificate file from mycacert.pem to stcmscert.pem.

    2. Change the name of the private key file from mycakey.pem to stcmskey.pem.

    3. (UNIX only) Copy the stcmscert.pem file to a new file called stcmscert.cer.

    4. (Windows only) Change the name of the PKCS #12 file from mycert.p12 to stcmscert.cer.

  4. Copy the stcmscert.pem, stcmskey.pem, and stcmscert.cer files into the JavaCAPS-install-dir/appserver/addons/stcms/templates directory.

  5. If you already created an instance, then you must also copy the stcmscert.pem, stcmskey.pem, and stcmscert.cer files into the JavaCAPS-install-dir/appserver/domains/domain-name/addons/stcms/instance-name/config directory.

  6. Open the stcms.default.Properties file in the JavaCAPS-install-dir/appserver/addons/stcms/templates directory.

  7. Add the STCMS.SSL.UserId and STCMS.SSL.Password properties.

  8. (Windows only) Set the value of the STCMS.SSL.CertificateFileStore.Option property.

    • If you want the JMS IQ Manager to install the certificate automatically, then set the value to On.

    • If you want to install the certificate by using the certmgr tool or Internet Explorer, then set the value to Off.

  9. If you already created an instance, then copy the stcms.default.Properties file into the JavaCAPS-install-dir/appserver/domains/domain-name/addons/stcms/instance-name/config directory.

  10. If the domain is running, then restart the domain.