Sun Adapter for Oracle Tutorials

ProcedureCreate the bpUpdate Business Process

  1. From the Projects window, right-click your new project and select New -> Business Process from the shortcut menu.

  2. Rename your new business process to bpUpdate.

  3. Add the following activities to the bpTableSelect Business Process canvas.

    • FileClient.Receive (CAPS Components Library -> Adapters -> File -> FileClient)

    • FileClient.Write

    • FileClient.Write

    • DB_EMPLOYEEUpdate (prjOracle_BPEL -> otdALL -> otdOracle)

  4. Connect the following activities: (See image below for details)

    • Start -> FileClient.receive

    • FileClient.receive -> FileClient.write

    • FileClient.write -> otdOracle.DB_EMPLOYEEUpdate

    • otdOracle.DB_EMPLOYEEUpdate -> FileClient.write

    • FileClient.write -> End

    Image shows the bpTableSelect Business Process from the
Business Process Designer.
  5. Save your project.

Next Steps

For your next step, see Using Business Process Designer to Create Business Rules.