SWIFT Integration Projects

Category 4 Messages

The table below lists the Category 4 message types, Collections and Cash Letters, with the type designation MT 4xx.

Table 4 Collections and Cash Letters

SWIFT Message Type 



MT 400 

Advice of Payment

MT 405 

Clean Collection

MT 410 


MT 412 

Advice of Acceptance

MT 416 

Advice of Non-Payment/Non-Acceptance

MT 420 


MT 422 

Advice of Fate and Request for Instructions

MT 430 

Amendment of Instructions

MT 450 

Cash Letter Credit Advice

MT 455 

Cash Letter Credit Adjustment Advice

MT 456 

Advice of Dishonor

MT 490 

Advice of Charges, Interest and Other Adjustments

MT 491 

Request for Payment of Charges, Interest and Other Expenses

MT 492 

Request for Cancellation

MT 495 


MT 496 


MT 498 

Proprietary Message

MT 499 

Free Format Message