Using the Sun Data Mashup Engine

ProcedureTo Create the EDM Collaboration

Before You Begin

Before beginning this procedure, you must have the above-mentioned files ready and stored on your computer, and have started the NetBeans IDE.

Note –

To move forward or backward in the procedure, click Next or Back.

  1. In the NetBeans IDE Projects panel, right–click the DemoDMProject project you just created, and select New->EDM.

    The New File Wizard appears.

  2. On the Name and Location window, type a name for the Data Mashup file and click Finish.

    For this exercise, name the file demoDMfile; the program adds the .edm extension.

    Note –

    The Collaborations directory has already been created and is in the path, which is listed in the Created File field.

  3. Click Finish.

    Note –

    You could click Next instead to add the virtual database tables to the collaboration. This will be done in a later step for this exercise.

    The file name you created, the EDM Editor opens in a new blank canvas, and the Tool Operators palette appears.

Next Steps

You are now ready to configure your Data Mashup project. For instructions on how to do this see Configuring Data Mashup Projects Using Joins.