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Sun Java System Communications Express 6 2004Q2 Customization Guide 

List of Tables

Table 0-1 Organization of the Sun Java System Communications Express Customization Guide
Table 2-1 List of Customizable files for Calendar and Address Book
Table 2-2 Location of the Common images in <uwc-images-dir>
Table 3-1 Customizing Toolbars
Table 3-2 Customizing the Calendar Toolbar Icons
Table 3-3 Customizing Task Related Informative Icons
Table 3-4 Customizing Error Icon for Full Page Errors
Table 3-5 Customizing Icons in Pop ups
Table 3-6 Customizing Pop ups
Table 4-1 JavaScript files that are used in Mail
Table 6-1 Communications Express User Interface Customizable Features
Table 6-2 Customizable LDAP attributes
Table 7-1 Commonly used templates in search-template.xsl and search.xsl
Table 7-2 Templates applicable for New/Edit Contact Window
Table 7-3 Templates defined for various sections in the New/Edit group
Table 9-1 Directory Structure for the Domain
Table 9-2 Linking Multiple Domains to few distinct brands
Table 10-1 Communications Express Specific Locales

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