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Sun Java System Communications Express 6 2004Q2 Customization Guide 

Chapter 1
Introduction to Communications Express and Customization

Sun Java™ System Communications Express 6 2004Q2 provides an integrated web-based communication and collaboration client that caters to the needs of Internet Service Providers, Enterprises, and Original Equipment Manufacturers.

As a web-based client, the Communications Express depends on a web server for access and a browser for presentation. The Communications Express consists of three client modules - Calendar, Address Book and Mail. The Calendar and Address Book client modules are deployed as a single application on any web container and are collectively referred to as the Unified Web Client.

The Calendar component of Communications Express uses .jsp pages as the presentation layer. These Java Server Pages pages can be customized to suit the requirements of the client.

The Address Book component of Communications Express uses XML/XSL files that contain XSL tags, static HTML and .js scripts. The XSL and JavaScript code are used to display dynamic data. These XSL files can be edited for customizing the Address Book component.

The Mail component of Communications Express uses the JavaScript language that is read and interpreted by the client. The JavaScript files are located on the server and downloaded to the client. The client extracts data from the JavaScript code to customize Communications Express functions. All modifications and customizations are done on the server.

Most of the features in Communications Express are fully customizable. Most features can also be customized easily during an upgrade. This guide explains the important features that are customizable.

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