Sun Cluster 3.0-3.1 Hardware Administration Manual for Solaris OS

Installing Ethernet or InfiniBand Cluster Interconnect Hardware

Table 3–1 lists procedures about how to install Ethernet cluster interconnect hardware. Perform the procedures in the order that the procedures are listed. This section contains a procedure about how to install cluster hardware during an initial installation of a cluster, before you install Sun Cluster software.

Table 3–1 Task Map: Installing Ethernet Cluster Interconnect Hardware


For Instructions 

Install the transport adapters. 

The documentation that shipped with your nodes and host adapters 

Install the transport cables. 

How to Install Ethernet or InfiniBand Transport Cables and Transport Junctions

If you have a greater than two-node cluster, install a transport junction (switch). 

How to Install Ethernet or InfiniBand Transport Cables and Transport Junctions

ProcedureHow to Install Ethernet or InfiniBand Transport Cables and Transport Junctions

Use this procedure to install Ethernet or InfiniBand transport cables and transport junctions (switches).

  1. If not already installed, install transport adapters in your cluster nodes.

    For the procedure about how to install transport adapters, see the documentation that shipped with your host adapters and node hardware.

  2. Install the transport cables. If necessary, install transport junctions.

    • (Ethernet Only) As Figure 3–1 shows, a cluster with only two nodes can use a point-to-point connection, requiring no transport junctions.

      (Ethernet Only) For a point-to-point connection, you can use either UTP or fibre. With fibre, use a standard patch cable. A crossover cable is unnecessary. With UTP, see your network interface card documentation to determine whether you need a crossover cable.

      Note –

      (Ethernet Only) You can optionally use transport junctions in a two-node cluster. If you use a transport junction in a two-node cluster, you can more easily add additional nodes later. Anytime you use a transport junction, you must have two transport junctions.

      Figure 3–1 (Ethernet Only) Typical Two-Node Cluster Interconnect

      Illustration: shows two nodes that directly connect to
form two interconnects.

    • As Figure 3–2 shows, cluster with more than two nodes and all clusters using InfiniBand on the interconnect require transport junctions. These transport junctions are Ethernet or InfiniBand switches (customer-supplied).

      Figure 3–2 Typical Four-Node Cluster Interconnect

      Illustration: shows four nodes and two switches with
one connection to each switch to form two interconnects.

See Also

To install the Sun Cluster software and configure the Sun Cluster software with the new interconnect, see Chapter 2, Installing and Configuring Sun Cluster Software, in Sun Cluster Software Installation Guide for Solaris OS.

To configure jumbo frames on the interconnect, review the requirements in SPARC: Requirements When Using Jumbo Frames and see the Sun GigaSwift documentation for instructions.