Sun Cluster 3.0-3.1 With Fibre Channel JBOD Storage Device Manual

ProcedureHow to Install a Storage Array in a New Cluster

This procedure assumes you are installing one or more storage arrays at initial installation of a cluster.

  1. Install host adapters in the nodes that are to be connected to the storage array.

    For the procedure about how to install host adapters, see the documentation that shipped with your network adapters and nodes.

    Note –

    To ensure maximum redundancy, put each host adapter on a separate I/O board, if possible.

  2. Cable the storage arrays to the nodes.

    For cabling diagrams, see Appendix A, Cabling Diagrams.

  3. Check the revision number for the storage array's controller firmware. If necessary, install the most recent firmware.

    For more information, see your storage documentation. For a list of storage documentation, see Related Documentation.