Sun Cluster 3.1 With Network-Attached Storage Devices Manual for Solaris OS

Installing a Network Appliance NAS Device in a Sun Cluster Environment

ProcedureHow to Install a Network Appliance NAS Device in a Cluster

Before You Begin

This procedure relies on the following assumptions:

  1. Set up the NAS device.

    You can set up the device at any point in your cluster installation. Follow the instructions in your device's documentation. See Related Third-Party Web Site References for a list of related device documentation.

    When setting up your NAS device, follow the standards that are described in Requirements, Recommendations, and Restrictions for Network Appliance NAS Devices.

  2. Install the NAS-support software package NTAPclnas on each node in the cluster.

    Perform this step after you have installed the Solaris OS and the Sun Cluster software.

    If this is the first NAS device in your cluster, or if you need to upgrade the NAS-support software package, perform this step. See Related Third-Party Web Site References for instructions about downloading and installing this software.

  3. On each cluster node, add the NAS device name to the /etc/inet/hosts file.

    Add a hostname-to-address mapping for the device in the /etc/inet/hosts file on all cluster nodes. For example:

  4. On each cluster node, add the device netmasks to the /etc/inet/netmasks file.

    Add an entry to the /etc/inet/netmasks file for the subnet the filer is on. For example:
  5. Verify that the hosts and netmasks entries in /etc/nsswitch.conf file on all cluster nodes have files appearing before nis and dns. If they are not, edit the corresponding line in /etc/nsswitch.conf by moving files before nis and dns.

  6. Add the NAS device to the cluster.

    1. From any cluster node, add the device by using the scnas command.

      # scnas -a -h myfiler -t netapp -o userid=root

      Add the device to cluster configuration.


      Is the name of the NAS device you are adding.

      -o userid

      Is the HTTP administrator login for the NAS device.

    2. At the prompt, type the HTTP administrator password.

    3. Confirm that the device has been added to the cluster.

      # scnas -p

    For more information about the scnas command, see the scnas(1M) man page.

  7. Add the NAS directories to the cluster.

    Follow the directions in How to Add Network Appliance NAS Directories to a Cluster.

  8. (Optional) Configure a LUN on the NAS device as a quorum device.

    See How to Add a Network Appliance Network-Attached Storage (NAS) Quorum Device in Sun Cluster System Administration Guide for Solaris OS for instructions for configuring a NAS quorum device.