Sun Cluster Software Installation Guide for Solaris OS

ProcedureHow to Enable Replication on the Secondary Cluster

Before You Begin

Ensure that you completed steps in How to Enable Replication on the Primary Cluster.

  1. Access nodeC as superuser.

  2. Flush all transactions.

    nodeC# /usr/sbin/lockfs -a -f
  3. Enable remote mirror replication from the primary cluster to the secondary cluster.

    nodeC# /usr/opt/SUNWesm/sbin/sndradm -n -e lhost-reprg-prim \
    /dev/vx/rdsk/devicegroup/vol01 \
    /dev/vx/rdsk/devicegroup/vol04 lhost-reprg-sec \
    /dev/vx/rdsk/devicegroup/vol01 \
    /dev/vx/rdsk/devicegroup/vol04 ip sync

    The primary cluster detects the presence of the secondary cluster and starts synchronization. Refer to the system log file /var/opt/SUNWesm/ds.log for information about the status of the clusters.

  4. Enable independent point-in-time snapshot.

    nodeC# /usr/opt/SUNWesm/sbin/iiadm -e ind \
    /dev/vx/rdsk/devicegroup/vol01 \
    /dev/vx/rdsk/devicegroup/vol02 \
    nodeC# /usr/opt/SUNWesm/sbin/iiadm -w \
  5. Attach the point-in-time snapshot to the remote mirror set.

    nodeC# /usr/opt/SUNWesm/sbin/sndradm -I a \
    /dev/vx/rdsk/devicegroup/vol01 \
    /dev/vx/rdsk/devicegroup/vol02 \
Next Steps

Go to Example of How to Perform Data Replication.