Sun Cluster Software Installation Guide for Solaris OS

Transport Junctions

If you use transport junctions, such as a network switch, specify a transport junction name for each interconnect. You can use the default name switchN, where N is a number that is automatically assigned during configuration, or create another name. The exception is the Sun Fire Link adapter, which requires the junction name sw-rsm N. The scinstall utility automatically uses this junction name after you specify a Sun Fire Link adapter (wrsmN).

Also specify the junction port name or accept the default name. The default port name is the same as the internal node ID number of the node that hosts the adapter end of the cable. However, you cannot use the default port name for certain adapter types, such as SCI-PCI.

Note –

Clusters with three or more nodes must use transport junctions. Direct connection between cluster nodes is supported only for two-node clusters.

If your two-node cluster is direct connected, you can still specify a transport junction for the interconnect.

Tip –

If you specify a transport junction, you can more easily add another node to the cluster in the future.