Sun Cluster Software Installation Guide for Solaris OS

IP Addresses

You must set up a number of IP addresses for various Sun Cluster components, depending on your cluster configuration. Each node in the cluster configuration must have at least one public-network connection to the same set of public subnets.

The following table lists the components that need IP addresses assigned. Add these IP addresses to the following locations:

Table 1–3 Sun Cluster Components That Use IP Addresses


Number of IP Addresses Needed 

Administrative console

1 per subnet. 

IP Network Multipathing groups


  • Single-adapter groups – 1 primary IP address. For Solaris 8, also 1 test IP address for each adapter in the group.

  • Multiple-adapter groups – 1 primary IP address plus 1 test IP address for each adapter in the group.

Cluster nodes 

1 per node, per subnet. 

Domain console network interface (Sun FireTM 15000)

1 per domain. 

Console-access device


Logical addresses 

1 per logical host resource, per subnet. 

For more information about planning IP addresses, see System Administration Guide, Volume 3 (Solaris 8) or System Administration Guide: IP Services (Solaris 9 or Solaris 10).

For more information about test IP addresses to support IP Network Multipathing, see IP Network Multipathing Administration Guide.