Sun Cluster System Administration Guide for Solaris OS

ProcedureHow to Find File System Names to Back Up

Use this procedure to determine the names of the file systems you want to back up.

  1. Display the contents of the /etc/vfstab file.

    You do not need to be superuser or assume an equivalent role to run this command.

    % more /etc/vfstab
  2. Look in the mount point column for the name of the file system you want to back up.

    Use this name when you back up the file system.

    % more /etc/vfstab 

Example 9–1 Finding File System Names to Back Up

In the following example, the names of available file systems listed in the /etc/vfstab file are displayed.

% more /etc/vfstab
#device             device             mount  FS fsck  mount  mount
#to mount           to fsck            point  type     pass   at boot  options
#/dev/dsk/c1d0s2    /dev/rdsk/c1d0s2   /usr     ufs     1      yes      -
 f                  -                  /dev/fd  fd      -      no       -
 /proc              -                  /proc    proc    -      no       -
 /dev/dsk/c1t6d0s1  -                  -        swap    -      no       -
 /dev/dsk/c1t6d0s0  /dev/rdsk/c1t6d0s0 /        ufs     1      no       -
 /dev/dsk/c1t6d0s3  /dev/rdsk/c1t6d0s3 /cache   ufs     2      yes      -
 swap               -                  /tmp     tmpfs   -      yes      -