Sun Cluster System Administration Guide for Solaris OS

ProcedureHow to Display Configured Resource Types, Resource Groups, and Resources

You can also accomplish this procedure by using the SunPlex Manager GUI. Refer to Chapter 10, Administering Sun Cluster With the Graphical User Interfaces. See the SunPlex Manager online help for more information.

You do not need to be logged in as superuser to perform this procedure.


    Display the cluster's configured resource types, resource groups, and resources.

    % scrgadm -p

Example 1–3 Displaying Configured Resource Types, Resource Groups, and Resources

The following example shows the resource types (RT Name), resource groups (RG Name), and resources (RS Name ) configured for the cluster schost.

% scrgadm -p
RT Name: SUNW.SharedAddress
  RT Description: HA Shared Address Resource Type 
RT Name: SUNW.LogicalHostname
  RT Description: Logical Hostname Resource Type 
RG Name: schost-sa-1 
  RG Description:  
    RS Name: schost-1
      RS Description: 
      RS Type: SUNW.SharedAddress
      RS Resource Group: schost-sa-1
RG Name: schost-lh-1 
  RG Description:  
    RS Name: schost-3
      RS Description: 
      RS Type: SUNW.LogicalHostname
      RS Resource Group: schost-lh-1