Sun Cluster System Administration Guide for Solaris OS

ProcedureHow to Remove the Last Quorum Device From a Cluster

If the device you intend to remove is not the last quorum device in the cluster, use the previous procedure, How to Remove a Quorum Device.

Note –

All two-node clusters require at least one configured quorum device. If this is the last quorum device on a two-node cluster, the cluster must be placed into install mode before scconf(1M) allows you to remove the device from the configuration. This should only be done if a node is being removed from the cluster.

  1. Become superuser on any node in the cluster and place the node to be removed in maintenance state.

    See How to Put a Node Into Maintenance State.

  2. Place the cluster in install mode.

    # scconf -c -q installmode
  3. Remove the quorum device using the scconf command.

    The scsetup(1M) cluster-administration menu options are not available while the cluster is in install mode.

    # scconf -r -q name=device
  4. Verify that the quorum device has been removed.

    # scstat -q

Example 5–4 Removing the Last Quorum Device

This example shows how to remove the last remaining quorum device in a cluster configuration.

[Become superuser on any node.]
[Place the cluster in install mode:]
# scconf -c -q installmode
[Remove the quorum device:]
# scconf -r -q name=d3
[Verify the quorum device has been removed:]
# scstat -q
-- Quorum Summary --
  Quorum votes possible:      2
  Quorum votes needed:        2
  Quorum votes present:       2
-- Quorum Votes by Node --
                    Node Name           Present Possible Status
                    ---------           ------- -------- ------
  Node votes:       phys-schost-1       1        1       Online
  Node votes:       phys-schost-2       1        1       Online
-- Quorum Votes by Device --
                    Device Name         Present Possible Status
                    -----------         ------- -------- ------