Sun Cluster System Administration Guide for Solaris OS

ProcedureHow to Bring a Node Out of Maintenance State

Use the following procedure to bring a node back online and reset the quorum vote count to the default. For cluster nodes, the default quorum count is one. For quorum devices, the default quorum count is N-1, where N is the number of nodes with non-zero vote counts that have ports to the quorum device.

When a node has been put into maintenance state, the node's quorum vote count is decremented by one. All quorum devices that are configured with ports to the node will also have their quorum vote counts decremented. When the quorum vote count is reset and a node is brought back out of maintenance state, both the node's quorum vote count and the quorum device vote count are incremented by one.

Run this procedure any time a node has been put into maintenance state and you are bringing it out of maintenance state.

Caution – Caution –

If you do not specify either the globaldev or node options, the quorum count is reset for the entire cluster.

  1. Become superuser on any node of the cluster, other than the one in maintenance state.

  2. Are you bringing a node out of maintenance state in a two-node cluster?

  3. If using quorum, reset the cluster quorum count from a node other than the one in maintenance state.

    You must reset the quorum count from a node other than the node in maintenance state before rebooting the node, or it might hang waiting for quorum.

    # scconf -c -q node=node,reset

    Specifies the change form of the scconf command.


    Manages the quorum options.


    Specifies the name of the node to be reset, for example, phys-schost-1.


    The change flag that resets quorum.

  4. Boot the node that you want to bring out of maintenance state.

  5. Verify the quorum vote count.

    # scstat -q

    The node you brought out of maintenance state should have a status of online and show the appropriate vote count for Present and Possible quorum votes.

Example 7–10 Bringing a Cluster Node Out of Maintenance State and Resetting the Quorum Vote Count

The following example resets the quorum count for a cluster node and its quorum devices to their defaults and verifies the result. The scstat -q output shows the Node votes for phys-schost-1 to be 1 and the status to be online. The Quorum Summary should also show an increase in vote counts.

phys-schost-2# scconf -c -q node=phys-schost-1,reset

On phys-schost-1:

phys-schost-1# scstat -q

-- Quorum Summary --

  Quorum votes possible:      6
  Quorum votes needed:        4
  Quorum votes present:       6

-- Quorum Votes by Node --

                    Node Name           Present Possible Status
                    ---------           ------- -------- ------
  Node votes:       phys-schost-1       1        1       Online

  Node votes:       phys-schost-2       1        1       Online
  Node votes:       phys-schost-3       1        1       Online

-- Quorum Votes by Device --

                    Device Name         Present Possible Status
                    -----------         ------- -------- ------
  Device votes:     /dev/did/rdsk/d3s2  1        1       Online
  Device votes:     /dev/did/rdsk/d17s2 1        1       Online
  Device votes:     /dev/did/rdsk/d31s2 1        1       Online