Sun Cluster Data Service for Oracle Real Application Clusters Guide for Solaris OS

ProcedureHow to Create an Oracle Database

  1. Ensure that the init$ORACLE_SID.ora file or the config$ORACLE_SID.ora file specifies the correct locations of the control files and alert files.

    The locations of these files are specified as follows:

    • The location of control files is specified by the control_files keyword.

    • The location of alert files is specified by the background_dump_dest keyword.

  2. If you use Solaris authentication for database logins, set the remote_os_authent variable in the init$ORACLE_SID.ora file to True.

  3. Ensure that all files that are related to the database are in the correct location.

  4. Start the creation of the database by using one command from the following list:

    • The Oracle dbca command

    • The Oracle sqlplus command

  5. Ensure that the file names of your control files match the file names in your configuration files.

Next Steps

The next steps depend on the location of your Oracle binary files and Oracle configuration files. See the following table.


Next Step 

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