Sun Cluster Data Service for SAP Guide for Solaris OS

ProcedureHow to Set Up a Lock File for Scalable Application Server

Use this procedure to set up a lock file for a scalable application server.

  1. Install the latest patch for the sapstart executable, which enables Sun Cluster HA for SAP users to configure a lock file.

  2. Set up the application server lock file on the local file system.

  3. Edit the profile that sapstart uses to start the instance such that you add the new SAP parameter, sapstart/lockfile, for scalable application server. This profile is the one that is passed to sapstart as a parameter in the startsap script.

    sapstart/lockfile =/usr/sap/local/SID/Dinstance-id/work/startup_lockfile

    New parameter name.


    Work directory for the scalable application server.


    Lock file name that Sun Cluster HA for SAP uses.

    SAP creates the lock file.

    Note –

    The lock file will reside on the local file system. The lock file does not prevent multiple startups from other nodes, but the lock file does prevent multiple startups on the same node.