Sun Cluster Data Service for SAP Guide for Solaris OS

ProcedureHow to Install SAP and the Database

Use this procedure to install SAP and the database.

  1. Become superuser on one of the nodes in the cluster where you are installing the central instance.

  2. Install SAP binaries on a cluster file system.

    Note –

    Before you install SAP software on a cluster file system, use the scstat(1M) command to verify that the Sun Cluster software is fully operational.

    1. For all of the SAP-required kernel parameter changes, edit the /etc/system file on all of the cluster nodes that will run the SAP application.

      After you edit the /etc/system file, reboot each node. See the SAP document R/3 Installation on UNIX-OS Dependencies for details on kernel parameter changes.

    2. See the SAP document Installation of the SAP R/3 on UNIX for details on how to install the central instance, the database, and the application server instances.

      See How to Install and Enable an SAP Scalable Application Server for the procedure on how to install a scalable application server in a Sun Cluster environment.

Next Steps

Go to How to Enable Failover SAP Instances to Run in a Cluster or How to Install and Enable an SAP Scalable Application Server.