Sun Cluster Data Service for SAP Guide for Solaris OS

ProcedureHow to Configure an SAP J2EE Engine with your Sun Cluster HA for SAP with Central Instance

After you have completed How to Enable Failover SAP Instances to Run in a Cluster or How to Enable Failover SAP Instances to Run in a Cluster, perform the following steps.

Note –

The SAP J2EE engine is started by the SAP dispatcher which is under the protection of the Sun Cluster HA for SAP. If the SAP J2EE engine goes down, the SAP dispatcher will restart it.

  1. Using the SAP J2EE Admintool GUI, change the ClusterHosts parameter to list all logical hosts for the application server and port pair under dispatcher/Manager/ClusterManager. For example,

    as1–1h:port;as2–1h:port ...
  2. Change the file j2ee-install-dir/additionalproperties as follows: = logical-host-ci_SID_SYSNR
  3. Change the file j2ee-install-dir/server/services/security/work/ as follows:

    sapbasis.ashost = logical-host-ci
  4. Change the file SDM-dir/program/config/flow.xml

    host = logical-host-ci
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