Sun Cluster Data Service for Sybase ASE Guide for Solaris OS

ProcedureHow to Verify the Sun Cluster HA for Sybase ASE Installation and Configuration

  1. Log in to the node that masters the Sybase ASE resource group.

  2. Set the Sybase ASE environment variables.

    The environment variables are the variables that you specify with the Environment_file extension property. For information about setting these environment variables, see Appendix A, Sun Cluster HA for Sybase ASE Extension Properties.

  3. Verify that the Sun Cluster HA for Sybase ASE resource is online.

    # scstat -g
  4. Inspect the Sybase ASE logs to determine the cause of any errors that have occurred.

  5. Confirm that you can connect to the data server and execute the following test command.

    # isql -S adaptive-server -U sa -P password
    isql> sp_help
    isql> go
    isql> quit
  6. Kill the process for the Sybase ASE data server.

    The Sun Cluster software restarts the process.

  7. Switch the resource group that contains the Sybase ASE resource to another cluster member.

    # scswitch -z -g resource-group -h node
  8. Log in to the node that now contains the resource group.

  9. Repeat Step 3 and Step 5.

    Note –

    Sybase ASE client connections cannot survive a Sun Cluster HA for Sybase ASE switchover. If a switchover occurs, the existing client connections to Sybase ASE terminate, and clients must reestablish their connections. After a switchover, the time that is required to replay the Sybase ASE transaction log determines Sun Cluster HA for Sybase ASE recovery time.