Sun Cluster Data Service for Sybase ASE Guide for Solaris OS

ProcedureHow to Register and Configure Sun Cluster HA for Sybase ASE

This procedure describes how to use the scrgadm(1M) command to register and configure Sun Cluster HA for Sybase ASE.

This procedure includes creating the SUNW.HAStoragePlus resource type. This resource type synchronizes actions between HAStorage and Sun Cluster HA for Sybase ASE and enables you to use a highly available local file system. Sun Cluster HA for Sybase ASE is disk intensive, and therefore you should configure the SUNW.HAStoragePlus resource type.

For more information about the SUNW.HAStoragePlus resource type, see the following documentation:

Note –

Other options also enable you to register and configure the data service. For details about these options, see Tools for Data Service Resource Administration in Sun Cluster Data Services Planning and Administration Guide for Solaris OS.

To perform this procedure, you must have the following information.

Note –

Perform the following steps on one cluster member.

  1. Become superuser on a cluster member.

  2. Run the scrgadm command to register resource types for Sun Cluster HA for Sybase ASE.

    # scrgadm -a -t SUNW.sybase

    Adds the resource type for the data service

    -t SUNW.sybase

    Specifies the resource type name that is predefined for your data service

  3. Register the SUNW.HAStoragePlus resource type with the cluster.

    # scrgadm -a -t SUNW.HAStoragePlus
  4. Create the resource sybase-hastp-rs of type SUNW.HAStoragePlus.

    # scrgadm -a -j sybase-hastp-rs -g sybase-rg -t SUNW.HAStoragePlus \
    -x GlobalDevicePaths=sybase-device-group1,/dev/global/dsk/dl \
    -x FilesystemMountPoints=/global/sybase-inst \
    -x AffinityOn=TRUE

    Note –

    AffinityOn must be set to TRUE and the local file system must reside on global disk groups to be failover.

  5. Run the scrgadm command to complete the following tasks and bring the resource group sybase-rg online on a cluster node.

    • Moving the resource group into a managed state

    • Bringing the resource group online

    This node becomes the primary for device group sybase-set1 and raw device /dev/global/dsk/d1. Device groups that are associated with file systems such as /global/sybase-inst are also made primaries on this node.

    # scrgadm -Z -g sybase-rg
  6. Create Sybase ASE application resources in the failover resource group.

    # scrgadm -a -j resource -g resource-group \
    -t SUNW.sybase \
    -x Environment_File=environment-file-path \
    -x Adaptive_Server_Name=adaptive-server-name \
    -x Backup_Server_Name=backup-server-name \
    -x Text_Server_Name=text-server-name \
    -x Monitor_Server_Name=monitor-server-name \
    -x Adaptive_Server_Log_File=log-file-path \
    -x Stop_File=stop-file-path \
    -x Connect_string=user/passwd \
    -y resource_dependencies=storageplus-resource
    -j resource

    Specifies the resource name to add.

    -g resource-group

    Specifies the resource group name into which the RGM places the resources.

    -t SUNW.sybase

    Specifies the resource type to add.

    -x Environment_File=environment-file

    Sets the name of the environment file.

    -x Adaptive_Server_Name=adaptive-server-name

    Sets the name of the adaptive server.

    -x Backup_Server_Name=backup-server-name

    Sets the name of the backup server.

    -x Text_Server_Name=text-server-name

    Sets the name of the text server.

    -x Monitor_Server_Name=monitor-server-name

    Sets the name of the monitor server.

    -x Adaptive_Server_Log_File=log-file-path

    Sets the path to the log file for the adaptive server.

    -x Stop_File=stop-file-path

    Sets the path to the stop file.

    -x Connect_string=user/passwd

    Specifies the user name and password that the fault monitor uses to connect to the database.

    You do not have to specify extension properties that have default values. For more information, see Setting Sun Cluster HA for Sybase ASE Extension Properties.

  7. Enable the resource and fault monitoring.

    Note –

    Sybase start logs print to the console when the Sybase servers start. If you do not want these messages to print to the console, update the appropriate RUN files to redirect these messages to another file.

    # scswitch -Z -g resource-group
Next Steps

After you register and configure Sun Cluster HA for Sybase ASE, go to Verifying the Sun Cluster HA for Sybase ASE Installation and Configuration.