Sun Cluster Data Services Planning and Administration Guide for Solaris OS

ProcedureHow to Remove a Node From a Scalable Resource Group

A scalable service is configured as two resource groups, as follows.

Additionally, the RG_dependencies property of the scalable resource group is set to configure the scalable group with a dependency on the failover resource group. For information about this property, see Appendix A, Standard Properties.

For details about scalable service configuration, see Sun Cluster Concepts Guide for Solaris OS.

Removing a node from the scalable resource group causes the scalable service to no longer be brought online on that node. To remove a node from the scalable resource group, perform the following steps.

  1. Remove the node from the list of nodes that can master the scalable resource group (the nodelist resource group property).

    # scrgadm -c -g scalable-resource-group -h nodelist

    Changes a resource group

    -g scalable-resource-group

    Specifies the name of the resource group from which the node is being removed

    -h nodelist

    Specifies a comma-separated list of the names of the nodes that can master this resource group

  2. (Optional) Remove the node from the failover resource group that contains the shared address resource.

    For details, see How to Remove a Node From a Failover Resource Group That Contains Shared Address Resources.

  3. (Optional) Update the Load_balancing_weights property of the scalable resource to remove the weight of the node that you are removing from the resource group.

See Also

The scrgadm(1M) man page.