Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.0 Installation Guide

Zip Distribution

This section introduces the zip distribution, which provides the dsee_deploy(1M) command-line installer.

This distribution offers self-contained software that you can install anywhere on local disk where you have write permission. You can both install, and also administer zip distribution software as a non-root user.

On Windows systems in order to allow remote management capabilities when installing the zip distribution, you must install either as Administrator, or as a user who belongs directly to the local Administrators group.

As zip distribution software is self-contained, each software installation performed from the zip distribution is independent. You can therefore install software from multiple zip distribution versions on the same system. Your system administrator must manually configure the software that you install to restart when the operating system reboots, however.

Furthermore, with the zip distribution, you must keep careful track of what you have installed, and which patches you have applied.