Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.0 Installation Guide

ProcedureTo Enable SSL in Directory Server

Note: The following procedure is applicable only for Solaris because Directory Server 6.0 is not yet available for Windows

  1. Create a DS instance

    /opt/SUNWdsee/ds6/bin/dsadm create -p non-ldap-port-P ldap-secure-port <DS-server-root>/slapd-<hostname>

  2. Start the instance

    /opt/SUNWdsee/ds6/bin/dsadm start <DS-server-root>/slapd-<hostname>

  3. Create a self-signed certificate

    /opt/SUNWdsee/ds6/bin/dsadm add-selfsign-cert -S "cn=<machine name with domain>,O=<preferred root suffix>"/<DS-server-root>/slapd-<hostname>/<certificate name>

    Where S = Create an individual certificate and add it to database,the second variable represents the path of Directory Server instance and the last variable is for the certificate alias.

  4. Set the server properties to this certificate

    /opt/SUNWdsee/ds6/bin/dsconf set-server-prop -p non-ldap-port ssl-rsa-cert-name:<certificate name>

  5. Restart the DS

    /opt/SUNWdsee/ds6/bin/dsadm restart /<DS-server-root>/slapd-<hostname>/

  6. Now stop the DS and remove the default Cert (this ensures that the above generated certificate will be the default cert)

    /opt/SUNWdsee/ds6/bin/dsadm stop /<DS-server-root>/slapd-<hostname>/

  7. Now remove the default certificate

    /opt/SUNWdsee/ds6/bin/dsadm remove-cert /<DS-server-root>/slapd-<hostname>/ defaultCert

    where the first variable represents the slapd-path and the second variable represents the alias of the certificate. In case you want to export the above default cert, following is the command

    /opt/SUNWdsee/ds6/bin/dsadm export-cert -o /<any path>/slapd-cert.export /<DS-server-root>/slapd-<hostname>/ <original default cert alias>

    where o=output file (/<any path>/slapd-cert.export),the second variable represents the slapd-path and the third variable represents the certificate alias.