Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.0 Migration Guide

Mapping the Server Load Configuration

In Directory Proxy Server 5, these attributes are used to control the number of simultaneous operations and total number of operations a client can request on one connection. In Directory Proxy Server 6, this functionality is provided by setting properties of a resource limits policy.

For information on configuring a resource limits policy, see Creating and Configuring a Resource Limits Policy in Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.0 Administration Guide.

In Iplanet Directory Access Router 5.0 (IDAR) these configuration attributes are stored under ids-proxy-con-Name=group-name,ou=groups,ou=pd2,ou=iDAR,o=services. In Directory Proxy Server 5.2, these configuration attributes are stored under ou=groups,cn=user-defined-name,ou=dar-config,o=NetscapeRoot.

The following table maps the Directory Proxy Server 5 server load configuration attributes to the corresponding Directory Proxy Server 6.0 resource limits properties.

Table 6–13 Mapping of Directory Proxy Server 5 Server Load Configuration Attributes to Directory Proxy Server 6.0 Resource Limits Properties

Directory Proxy Server 5 Attribute 

Directory Proxy Server 6.0 Property