Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.0 Reference

Introduction to Logs

The following table summarizes the different logs used by the Directory Server.

Table 7–1 Logs Used by Directory Server




Retro change log 


Maintaining application compatibility with earlier versions of Directory Server. 

Transaction log 


Ensuring data integrity by committing each update operation to the transaction log on disk before the result code for the update operation is returned to the client application. 

When Directory Server accepts an update operation, it writes a log message about the operation to the transaction log. If the system crashes, Directory Server uses the transaction log to recover the database. 

Access log 

Flat file 

Evaluating directory use patterns, verifying configuration settings, diagnosing access problems. For information about access logs, see Access Logs.

Error log 

Flat file 

Debugging directory deployments. For information about error logs, see Error Logs.

Audit log 

Flat file 

Providing audit trails for security and data integrity. For information about audit logs, see Audit Logs.