Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.0 Reference

Proportional Load Balancing Algorithm For Individual Data Sources

The cn=Component entry for the proportional load balancing algorithm for individual data sources has the following monitoring DN:

cn=Add, cn=servername, cn=Proportional LB, cn=DataSource Pool poolname,
  cn=Component, cn=instanceId, cn=Instance, cn=OperatingSystem, 
  cn=Product, cn=monitor

Similar monitoring DNs exist for the delete, modify, modifyDN, search, compare, and bind operations.

Entries below the cn=Component entry for the proportional load balancing algorithm contain the following groups of attributes for individual data sources:

  • expectedWeight identifies the expected weight for the operation on the data source.

  • operationalStatus identifies the status of the element, with the following values: 2, and 5. For information about these values, see Table 18–2.

  • provided the number of connections provided to reach the data source for the operation.

  • failed the number of failed requests to get a connection to that data source.

  • realWeight the real usage of the data source for the operation, to be compared with the expectedWeight.