Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.0 Reference

Write Transformations

A write transformation is applied during the request, but not during the response. A write transformation changes the physical data in storage.

The following diagram illustrates the principals of a write transformation.

Figure 23–3 Write Transformation

Figure shows a high level view of how a write transformation

A write transformation is defined on a data view, by using the dpconf command as follows:

$ dpconf add-virtual-transformation -h host -p port -D bindDN /
view-name write action attr-name [parameters]

Example 23–2 When Would You Use a Write Transformation

Imagine an organization has a legacy application whose function is to add person entries to a data source. The application adds the entries without the telephoneNumber attribute. The physical data source has been upgraded and the telephoneNumber is now a mandatory attribute for person entries. The transformation required here is to add the telephoneNumber attribute during the add request. This transformation changes the entry that is written to the database. No reverse transformation is required.