Sun Cluster Data Service for WebSphere MQ Guide for Solaris OS

ProcedureHow to Install and Configure WebSphere MQ

  1. Determine how WebSphere MQ will be deployed in Sun Cluster.

    • Determine how many WebSphere MQ instances will be deployed.

    • Determine which Cluster File System will be used by each WebSphere MQ instance.

  2. Mount WebSphere MQ Cluster File Systems.

    Note –

    If Failover File Systems will be used by the WebSphere MQ instance, you must mount these manually.

  3. Install WebSphere MQ onto all nodes within Sun Cluster. .

    It is recommended that you install WebSphere MQ onto local disks. For a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of installing the software on a local versus a cluster file system, see “Determining the Location of the Application Binaries” on page 3 of the Sun Cluster Data Services Installation and Configuration Guide

    • Install WebSphere MQ onto all nodes within Sun Cluster that will run WebSphere MQ, regardless of the location of the application binaries. This is required because the pkgadd for WebSphere MQ additionally sets up several symbolic links on the host.

      Note –

      Follow IBM's WebSphere MQ for Sun Solaris — Quick Beginnings manual to install WebSphere MQ.

  4. Create your WebSphere MQ Manager(s).

    WebSphere MQ V5.3 has a bug when you use the default setting, LogDefaultPath=/var/mqm/log, when issuing crtmqm to create your WebSphere MQ Manager. For example, the crtmqm command displays AMQ7064: Log path not valid or inaccessible.

    To work around this, specify the -ld parameter when creating the WebSphere MQ Manager, for example, crtmqm -ld /global/mqm/log/<qmgr> <qmgr>

    This will cause another <qmgr> directory to appear, that is /global/mqm/log/<qmgr>/<qmgr>. However, it overcomes this bug.

    Note –

    This bug, of having to specify the -ld parameter when LogDefaultPath=/var/mqm/log is being used, has been reported to IBM and a fix is being worked on.

Example 5 Create your WebSphere MQ V5.3 Manager with the -ld parameter

# crtmqm qmgr1
AMQ7064: Log path not valid or inaccessible.
# crtmqm -ld /global/mqm/log/qmgr1  qmgr1
WebSphere MQ queue manager created.
Creating or replacing default objects for qmgr1 .
Default objects statistics : 31 created. 0 replaced. 0 failed.
Completing setup.
Setup completed.
# cd /global/mqm/log/qmgr1 
# ls -l
total 2
drwxrwx---   3 mqm      mqm          512 Jan 10 11:44 qmgr1 
# cd qmgr1 
# ls -l
total 12
drwxrwx---   2 mqm      mqm          512 Jan 10 11:44 active
-rw-rw----   1 mqm      mqm         4460 Jan 10 11:44 amqhlctl.lfh
# pwd
# cd /global/mqm/qmgrs/qmgr1
# more qm.ini
#* Module Name: qm.ini                                             *#
#* Type       : MQSeries queue manager configuration file          *#
#  Function   : Define the configuration of a single queue manager *#
#*                                                                 *#
#* Notes      :                                                    *#
#* 1) This file defines the configuration of the queue manager     *#
#*                                                                 *#
#*                                                                 *#
#*                                                                 *#