Sun Cluster Data Service for SWIFTAlliance Gateway Guide for Solaris OS

Configuration Considerations

The configuration considerations in the subsections that follow affect the installation and configuration of Sun Cluster HA for SWIFTAlliance Gateway.

Resource Dependencies

Configure Sun Cluster HA for SWIFTAlliance Gateway to protect a Sun Cluster instance and its respective components. The following table outlines these components and their dependencies.

Table 3 Sun Cluster Components



SWIFTAlliance Gateway 

This component includes the SWIFTNet Link instance. 

  • SUNW.LogicalHost resource

  • SUNW.HAStoragePlus resource

Configuration Files and Registration Script

The Sun Cluster component has two configuration files and a registration script.


This configuration file contains settings to enable the data service to find the correct instance of SWIFTAlliance Gateway and the necessary user and password combination. 


This configuration file contains settings to register the data service and the application in the Sun Cluster framework. 


This registration script enables you to register the data service.