Sun Cluster 3.1 8/05 Release Notes for Solaris OS

Installing the SAP J2EE Engine as a Scalable Resource

The section How to Install and Configure the SAP Web Application Server and the SAP J2EE Engine in Sun Cluster Data Service for SAP Web Application Server Guide for Solaris OS omits instructions for installing the SAP J2EE engine when you plan to configure it as a scalable resource. Step 2 and Step 7 of the procedure in this section are incomplete.

Correct Step 2:

If you are using the SAP J2EE engine, install the SAP J2EE engine software.

Refer to the SAP installation documentation.

Correct Step 7:

If you are using the SAP J2EE engine, modify the loghost script to return host names for the SAP J2EE engine.

Modify the script loghost, which was created in Step 6, to return either the logical host names or the physical host names for each instance of the SAP J2EE engine.