Sun Java Enterprise System Deployment Planning Guide

Migrating to Java Enterprise System

The planning, designing, and implementing of an enterprise solution that uses Java Enterprise System depends largely on your current deployment strategy. For enterprises that are planning a first-time deployment solution, the planning, design, and implementation is driven largely by the specific needs of your enterprise. However, first-time deployments solutions are not typical. More likely are solutions that use Java Enterprise System to enhance existing enterprise solutions or to upgrade from earlier versions of Java Enterprise System components.

When replacing or upgrading existing solutions, you must take additional planning, design, and implementation steps to ensure that existing data is preserved and that software is properly upgraded to current versions. As you proceed through the analysis and design outlined in this guide, keep in mind the preparation and planning required to replace and upgrade existing software systems.

For more information about upgrading to the current version of Java Enterprise System and strategies for migration from other applications, refer to the Java Enterprise System Upgrade and Migration Guide.